Edging Forward by Ann Dale

Edging Forward by Ann Dale

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June 6, 2016

Plate 7, Ecoscape Of The Soul, by Nancyanne Cowell, oil on two canvases, 60” X 36”, 2013

Chapter 6: The Three Trolls under the Bridge

August 30, 2015

Barriers to Change

Powerful barriers and alternatively drivers for change and transformation of current development paths exist. What is stopping us from achieving a carbon neutral economy by 2030, as I argue in my book, we have more than enough science, information and innovation happening in Canada to begin going down new development paths. What are the biggest three trolls under the bridge preventing change: our belief in the ability of perpetual growth to ‘grow’ our way out of modern challenges, adherence to old capitalist models, and a lack of governance. This chapter offers concrete solutions for human progress decoupled from perpetual growth and the next chapter entitled Knights of the Round Table talks about the third troll.

Chapter Quote

“The definition of human well-being is at the heart of the matter. The relevance of economic performance is that it must be viewed as a means to an end and that the market is an imperfect allocation mechanism. That end is neither the consumption of beef burgers, nor the accumulation of television sets, nor the control of inflation rates, but rather the welfare of human societies. Some argue that economic performance matters only insofar as it makes people happier. A broader concept of wellbeing requires a more complex and nuanced analysis, provided through a recent burst of research into what factors support happiness and how this relates to economic growth, as well as broadened mainstream measures of what constitutes progress beyond the GDP.” (p. 93)

– Ann Dale, Edging Forward: Achieving Sustainable Community Development


August 20, 2015

Every Step Counts

350.org. (2016, May 27). Break Free, 2016: the movement steps up [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/sqHYDwCM0Yg

Video footage of protesters around the world fighting for climate action. The video is for the Break Free movement, whose message is to build a renewable economy and stop mining oil and coal.


Bearing Witness

Fastco Studios. (2017, February 9). How Technology and Social Media have Changed the Conversation around Criminal Justice [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.fastcompany.com/

Interviews with civil rights experts, activists, a former prosecutor, and John Legend on how technology and social media make it possible to quickly document and spread evidence of police brutality.


Let’s Even it Up

Oxfam UK. (2017, January 16). An Economy for the 99% [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/xjhq9nPmoxA

A breakdown of statistics on the massive global wealth gap. The sum of just 8 of the world’s billionaires is equal to the wealth of the least wealthy 50% of people in the world.

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

RiverheadBooks. (September 2010). Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson. [Video File]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com

Where do good ideas come from? The spaces that see unusual rates of creativity and innovation all share the same recurring patterns. Author, Steven Johnson, recounts his findings in this animated short.


Leonard Cohen Strikes a Chord with Al Gore

Skavlan. (2016, November 11).  Interview with Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/T2pFG9WoxfU

Interview on Norwegian talk show Skavlan with Leonard Cohen, Al Gore, and Cohen’s former partner, singer Anjani Thomas.  Near the end, Cohen and Gore share ideas on what motivated people to change: catastrophe or hope?


Recharge in Quebec’s Cottage Country

The Star. (2017, April 5). Why electric cars are popular in one Quebec region [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com

The region of Lanaudière, Quebec has the highest per capita rate of electric car ownership. This video highlights one car dealership in the cottage town of Rawdon, whose co-owner focuses on selling electric cars.

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August 15, 2015

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August 10, 2015

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