Edging Forward by Ann Dale

Edging Forward by Ann Dale

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Edging Forward

Edging Forward is not exactly a sequel, but an update about the many social innovations and progress in implementing sustainable community development in Canada, since the publication of At the Edge in 2001. Based on my 15-year research program since that release, this book is about the many options we have to move back from the edge, to edge forward in implementing sustainable community development now.

But, what is stopping Canadian communities?
How has a single ‘story’ so come to dominate our development?
What are the drivers for reconciling ecological, social and economic imperatives throughout Canadian society?
How do we change the single story and reclaim the dragons?

This book is about the power of stories that shape our development and influence our ability to act now on climate change. It is an evocative call for immediate action to move from edging forward to leaping onto new, sustainable pathways. Once again I draw upon both the personal and the professional, to talk about my journey in reconciliation, reconnection and the power of relationships as the most important pathway for transforming human development.

About this Site

People learn in multiple ways—auditory, visual, print, video and film. This living library integrates academic research, grey literature with all of the foregoing to appeal to diverse audiences and their learning styles. This site brings together my own research with many other scholars who have contributed to my work, as well as soaring landscapes that were painted to illuminate each chapter. It is designed to complement the print and e-book versions of Edging Forward, which may be ordered from Fernweh Press, as of February 7th, 2018. The arts and the beauty of nature have always informed and transformed my life, just as they are integral to new

The Book Art Gallery

Each chapter of Edging Forward is illuminated with an original oil-mixed media painting by Canadian artist, Nancyanne Cowell, Federation of Canadian Artists. The original paintings for the Edging Forward Art Collection will be showcased at the Robert Bateman Centre from October 10th – November 10th, 2017. Painting plates are showcased in the art gallery section of this website.

The last painting in the series is entitled, For Unforgotten Times, and is in memory of my beloved son, Daniel James Frazer, for the last chapter entitled Once Upon A Time.

The Book Shelf

This site has been built to complement the print copy to expand upon each chapter. Each one will contain references to websites, podcast and videos that I have used while writing my book. It will, of course, also contain references to academic materials and my own research from the past 15 years of my Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development. I will continue to add resources and the outcome of my research team as I continue to learn and explore a never-ending story.