Edging Forward by Ann Dale

Edging Forward by Ann Dale

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Academic Articles

September 15, 2015

Dale, A., & Newman, L. (2005). The Role of Online Dialogue in the Creation of Policy Alternatives. Canadian Review of Social Policy/Revue canadienne de politique sociale, (55). Retrieved from http://www.proquest.com/


Dale, A., & Newman, L. (2006). An online synchronous e-dialogue series on nuclear waste management in Canada. Applied Environmental Education and Communication5(4), 243-251. Retrieved from http://www.tandfonline.com/


Ling, C., Hanna, K., & Dale, A. (2009). A template for integrated community sustainability planning. Environmental Management44(2), 228-242. Retrieved from https://link.springer.com/


Newell, R., Dale, A., Herbert, Y., Duguid, F., Foon, R., & Hough, P. (2015). Trans-disciplinary Research: An Academic-Practitioner Partnership Effort on Investigating the Relationship between the Cooperative Model and Sustainability. International and Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Sciences4(1), 23-53. Retrieved from http://www.hipatiapress.com/


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